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Steam Whistle Soundsnew revised




Steam WhistlesClocksSteam Engine Indicators

Gages Bourdon Water Test Combination Altitude Recording

Gage Boards Cocks Siphons Test Pumps Cocks 3-way

Safety Relief Pop ValvesLocomotive Portable Farm Engine Steam Fire Engine

Stationary Marine & Yacht ValvesAir Water

Counters Locomotive Engine Revolution Registers Crank Index

Cylinder Lubricator Victory Lubricator Oil Feeders, S.L.V.

Water Column Sight Glass Scotch Glass Tubes

Pyrometer Pantograph Amslerís Polar Planimeter


This site is dedicated to ALL Employees of years gone by, Past and Present


This site is presented to provide and preserve available information on Crosby and Ashton products of antiquity



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